don farrell
thirsty wood

thirsty wood studio

signed photography of an odd and simple man busting a move into his own rustic-contemporary movement. 

witnessed and produced from everyday environments of the artist's world

then surrounded with wood-history,

renewed and refined 

with enhanced flaws and inherent beauty.

wood that served another purpose

while weathering alongside generations

of humans, animals and insects.

brought together to create art that celebrates the simple 

beauty of imperfections and closer looks. 

also available:

custom frames for prints, mirrors and paintings

coming soon: blog posts, poetry, fishing lures, bird houses, garden crosses

about the artist

don farrell

grew up near the mississippi river just outside of north mpls. in brooklyn center, mn.

photography, wood working, nature and writing are his escapes.  

a father of three boys, he and his sons live in cambridge, mn on a small organic farm

during the 1920's grandpa farrell gave his wife two dollars to buy a dress...she happened upon a camera at the store and bought it instead.

hence there are photos of bob farrell, his brothers and sister as early as infants and all the way until grandma's passing.

don's father (bob) was a photographer and made a living filming professional and collegiate sports.

don's mother loretta still lives in the home his family was raised in and enjoys sorting through trunks full of old photos bob took of their family. 

better to be inside out than right

just a rainbow looking for a leprechaun